TLPA’s 100th Annual Convention – continued: ‘Some palpable optimism’

TLPA’s 100th Annual Convention – continued: ‘Some palpable optimism’

“Honour the past and move quickly towards the future. There is a bright future in transportation” said TLPA CEO Al LaGasse in his opening speech. “We are restructuring and rebranding TLPA and we are making a Herculean effort in repositioning the association.”

At next year’s Spring Meeting the association’s new logo will be presented.

With the changing of the guard, the old president (Mike Pinckard) went out and the new one (Terry O’Toole) came in. With the ambitious tag ‘FleetForward’ the new president presented TLPA’s “new strategic vision for the next century” aimed at the whole industry, the association itself, the membership and the drivers.

Four committees are busily working on streamlining the new approach. For the industry it means TLPA delivering member education, playing a leading role in shaping the vision and direction of the industry and growing TLPA by including a broader and more diverse cross section of industry stakeholders and thought leaders. Gone is the current structure of the association split between taxis, limousines and paratransit.

When it comes to the TLPA the aim is to increase service safety, convenience, reliability, affordability, eco-friendliness, accessibility and sustainable standards across the whole industry. Compliance with safety, operational, vehicle and driver standards is to be increased. TLPA will be going for industry-neutral regulation focused on public safety, consumer protection and will promote mobility in general terms.

The association also wants to improve its member services and aim for an industry in which drivers thrive, and their image and performance is improved. Professionalism is the name of the game. Given the structure of the industry, with drivers as independent contractors often treated like a commodity in the past, TLPA’s focus on drivers is a marked turnaround.

TLPA is also working on its National Platform Project, which should provide one app, albeit with different suppliers. A bit like IRU’s original UpTop project, now somewhat watered down. The choice for one supplier (Curb) was jettisoned in these “dynamic market conditions.” More correct: too many bitterly competing partners. The Spring Meeting will provide more answers – and a new TLPA-logo!

As past-president Mike Pinckard said in his ‘Year in Review’: “We are living in the most dynamic period in our history. Our industry is the focus of the largest investors on the planet. We can expect autonomous vehicles and further disruption in many areas. That’s why we need to redouble our involvement in the industry.”

Next to the two motivational speakers (mainly about service improvement, the weakest part of the US taxi industry), for the first time autonomous and connected vehicles were given a separate specialist presentation. (© 2018 TaxiIntell).

  • Changing of the guard: Terry O’Toole takes over from Mike Pinckard as TLPA President.

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