TAXIintell is the first truly international platform providing all those connected with the Taxi and FHV industry with reliable news and background information. TAXIintell is not predominantly a news-site. TAXIintell provides you with its own fresh reporting and with the bigger picture produced by people in the ‘Taxi and FHV-know’: the background to all these news stories out there and useful connections to people, companies, products and services. It reaches those parts of the Taxi and FHV world other media don’t. Are you getting our newsletters yet? And would you like to receive our bi-annual magazine? Why don’t you register now?

We’d like to hear from you! You’d be surprised how international the Taxi and FHV industry really is. Although by nature the Taxi and FHV industry is a local, regional or at most national industry. With many local, regional and national problems, ideas and… solutions. But also with a great many (and a growing number of) international similarities. That’s why we would like to hear from you.

Get useful background information. Ever wondered where you can find something as simple as a list of all taxi trade shows and conferences worldwide? Try our agenda! But how to find out who and what moves these markets? And these people? Or how to find out whether there might be an interest in your products or services? What are similar trends between European countries? Or in Australia, the Middle East, South America?

Reach new customers! Our launching sponsors helped us off to a great start. We’ll keep you posted, even on the smallest details. And we’ll keep your prospects posted on your products and services. Reach them via the only international taxi platform, as our readership grows.

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• TAXIintell team: Wim Faber, Editor & Katie Challans, Production (photo: Gudrun Hartmann, Taxi Times)

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