Where’s IRU’s taxi section heading?

During the very successful IRU Taxi Forum in Cologne, the IRU also emphatically pressed the ‘reset button’. The IRU press release about the Forum even claimed that “the IRU is taking charge of the future of taxis.” Nothing is further from the truth. The organization has – after some internal difficulties – been virtually invisible since the beginning of 2018. According to our information, even the advocacy activities for the taxi and bus sector were in doubt for a while.

Not only in Cologne, but also elsewhere, like on the sidelines of the Taxis4SmartCities breakfast at the European Parliament, the same question often came up amongst taxi colleagues: “What does the IRU actually still do in the taxi field?”

Naturally, that question also pre-occupies us as a professional website. How does the IRU view its future interests in the bus and taxi sector? In Cologne, TaxiIntelligence spoke to the Brussels IRU representation. An interview was promised quickly, then shifted in time through (understandable) diary problems and then – because we were close to our deadline – turned into a written ‘interview’. Not ideal for a real exchange of thoughts, but still …

After sending our questions it remained frighteningly quiet and only after a repeated reminder on our part, more than a week later, the IRU Brussels office communicated coolly that it “did not want to give answers to questions about internal matters, but only wanted to talk about transport matters.” Strange and un-professional in terms of media relations.

We would have liked to give the IRU a podium to indicate how they think of taking care of the interests of their members in the taxi area – where many still have questions about the IRU’s functioning – and how it sees its role in the future. If only to stop the current rumours and questions. That invitation remains open.

Wim Faber

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