Uber’s latest valuation: $72 billion

Uber’s latest valuation: $72 billion

How much a company is worth is always a bit of an artificial question in Silicon Valley. That’s especially true with Uber.

The settlement between Alphabet’s Waymo and Uber on Friday valued the company at $72 billion, which sources involved in the negotiation say is the company’s valuation after SoftBank invested $1.25 billion in the company last month. That’s higher than had been reported.

Uber was valued at $62.5 billion before accepting $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia in June 2016. Other investors during that deal chipped in another $2.1 billion, meaning the total $5.6 billion round valued the company at $68.1 billion, post money, meaning when you include the hard cash.

When Uber gave up in China and sold that region’s business to Didi, Didi invested $1 billion at the existing valuation, according to reports, which should’ve boosted the valuation to $69 billion — that is, post money.

Reuters reported a Malaysian pension fund invested an additional $30 million at an unknown valuation in September 2016. Then came an investment from German publisher Axel Springer — again, with few financial details.

When you add in the $1.25 billion investment from SoftBank, you end up at between $70 and $71 billion — though there remain some unknown investment sizes and valuation figures. So it’s conceivable that the company is now worth around $72 billion, maybe with some rounding, on private markets.

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