Swedish Taxi Federation welcomes new bill for taxi

Swedish Taxi Federation welcomes new bill for taxi

The government proposes to introduce a new taxi category. “We welcome the government’s proposal for new legislation that will open up for technology development and new business models for taxis,” says Claudio Skubla, Director of the Swedish Taxi Association. It is also positive that the proposal increases the possibilities for tax control and protection of consumers and workers.

“In our dialogue with the government’s representatives, we have emphasized the importance of each vehicle needing the technical equipment attached to a taxi service order center,” said Skubla.

“We are pleased that the government has heard our request, which is of great importance for the industry to develop in healthy competition,” says Skubla, pointing out that the taxi industry has been concerned as the illegal, ‘black taxi business’ has grown ever stronger in recent years. Now it is important that the government’s regulatory work continues according to the government’s intentions.

The proposal implies that taxpayer license holders may choose to connect vehicles to one of two different tax categories. The current system, subject to taximeter and accounting center, will remain.

In the new category, there are requirements for technical equipment in the vehicles and at the taxi centres. Each taxi in this category must be connected to one or more taxi service delivery centers that receive and allocate trips. The Central Bank shall also collect, store and, upon request, provide information to the Tax Agency for tax control. In the new category, the customer’s order will always be made to a delivery center and the customer will be given a fixed price before the journey begins. For the driver and taxi company, the same requirements apply for taxi driver licenses and taxi driver licenses in both categories.

The Swedish government proposes that the rules governing the granting of authorization by the Central Centers will enter into force on 1 September 2020 and the remaining rules on January 1, 2021.

  • Swedish Taxi Federation welcomes new bill for taxi.

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