KAPTYN – Smart Mobility Taxi Technology Company Reaches 60 Million Rides

KAPTYN – Smart Mobility Taxi Technology Company Reaches 60 Million Rides

Disruptive taxi technology company KAPTYN announced today that their taxi platform served its 60th Million ride in the U.S market. Boasting a robust platform centered around the only NIST and NCWM certified Smart Meter, KAPTYN provides a sustainable smart taxi solution to fleets and drivers and is bridging the innovation gap between legacy taxi service and new-age mobile demand and ride-sharing companies.

KAPTYN has taken the standard antiquated regulated meter and fitted it with a customizable interface and proprietary software that can compete with any cell phone soft meter available today. The KAPTYN Smart Meter acts as a mobile data terminal (MDT) and records driver data that is then consolidated into their CabManager software platform for reporting and analysis.

The platform provides real-time reporting from driver location and car allocation to back-end cashiering, helping to better operate, manage and monetize commercial taxi fleets. It also integrates with a host of applications, many of which come pre-integrated into the KAPTYN platform.  These include automated dispatching, payment processing, ride optimization, vehicle safety solutions and an open API to integrate with any e-hail application.

As a fully agnostic platform, KAPTYN allows for ANY e-hail mobile app to communicate directly and securely to dispatch the closest, vacant, licensed taxi.

“Our focus and commitment has been to build a platform that is sustainable under all regulations, and to provide taxis the tools to compete with today’s ridesharing services and stay relevant,” said Andrew Meyers CEO of KAPTYN. “We took all of the value of a ‘smart meter’ and paired it with the backbone of a hard-metered rate for sustainability of supply, going through the rigorous criteria of NCWM/NIST to do so. This milestone is a testimony to what we’ve achieved.”

  • KAPTYN boasts 60 million rides in US

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