Jukka Kuusisto joins Cabonline Group as Regional Director Finland

Jukka Kuusisto joins Cabonline Group as Regional Director Finland

Finland’s leading transportation company Kovasen and Cabonline Finland, which owns FixuTax, launched in June, has recruited Jukka Kuusisto as Regional Director starting from December 7, 2018.

Kuusisto is an experienced and long-term professional in the field and is a former chairman of the Taxi Board of Helsinki. The aim of the new regional manager is to drive the expansion of operations like FixuTax and Kovasen in Finland. The recruitment of Jukka Kuusisto is related to the Cabonline’s future growth goals.

“We have set a clear target for expanding our operations in Finland next year,” commented Topi Simola, Managing Director of Cabonline Finland. “Jukka is the right person to develop our operations, because he knows the taxi business and its actors thoroughly. Jukka has a strong vision of the development of the industry and the creation of business models that are interesting and profitable for various entrepreneurs. Jukka will push our expansion outside the Helsinki metropolitan area and Oulu. Getting new entrepreneurs and drivers is an important part of our growth story.”

Jukka Kuusisto is the former Chairman of the Board of Taxi Helsinki, the Chairman of Helsinki taxi drivers, a Member of the Board of the Finnish Taxi Association and a long-term taxi entrepreneur. Kuusisto will continue its operations in the Taxi Board of Helsinki. Cabonline Finland is the largest single shareholder in Taxi Helsinki.

“I take on a new role with a strong vision,” comments Kuusisto. “I feel it is important to renew the industry and at the same time to ensure that taxi companies are profitable in the future. It is now half a year since the taxi market was opened up, and many new developments have been seen in this area. In order to succeed in an open market, one must be prepared to give up some old, rigid models of action and be a sensitive listener to the demands of consumers. Cabonline has two strong brands in Finland, whose operations are now being extended to other parts of Finland.”

  • Jukka Kuusisto started as Regional Director of Cabonline Finland on December 7, 2018 and works from Cabonline’s national headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

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