John Boit, TLPA’s new Executive Vice-President

John Boit, TLPA’s new Executive Vice-President

The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) named communications expert John Boit, who has already been working with the trade association since 2008, as its new Executive Vice President.

Boit will work directly with Alfred LaGasse, TLPA’s CEO. LaGasse has been with the organization for 41 years, serving as its chief executive for the past 40 years.

Boit brings significant experience to the job, which was previously held by Harold E. Morgan, a well-known industry leader whose service to the association spanned 25 years until his retirement last year.

Boit, who is a senior founding partner of the strategic communications firm Melwood Global, will be heavily involved in implementing the global trade group’s new strategic plan in 2019. Boit will assume the new role on January 2, and will remain a senior partner at Melwood Global as part of the arrangement.

“John has earned the trust and respect of members from around the world in the many years he’s worked with TLPA’s executive team and our members,” said TLPA President Terry O’Toole. “In a way, he’s been preparing for this job for 10 years, and his long history with the organization creates the path for an almost immediate and seamless integration into the busy years ahead.”

“I’m looking forward to expanding my work with John, with whom I’ve developed a very strong working relationship during some of the most challenging times our industry has faced,” said LaGasse. “He is a strong addition to our staff, and truly adds to our ability to serve our members as we move into our second century of industry leadership.”

A 101-year-old organization with a membership spanning four continents, TLPA is embarking on a rebranding effort in 2019 to mirror its four major areas of focus, including expanding membership, leading the industry with best safety and environmental practices, identifying innovations that increase members’ profitability, and enhancing drivers’ image and performance.

“This industry is changing rapidly, and it’s an honour to be a part of that evolution,” Boit said. “What’s very exciting is that transportation companies are diversifying and changing shape as passengers seek new mobility options. And TLPA is focusing intensely on ways to serve, educate and convene the myriad providers and stakeholders in this space. At the same time, the important mission of TLPA as a unified voice of safe, professional transportation will remain the same as it has for more than a century.”

  • John Boit, TLPA’s new Executive Vice-President.

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