German taxi and PHV association BZP changes name and logo.

German taxi and PHV association BZP changes name and logo.

At their Spring Conference in Hamburg, a large majority of the members of the German taxi and private hire association BZP e.V. chose a new name and logo for their association: “We proposed this new name because the communication environment is changing rapidly. Our messages must become clearer and more specific,” said BZP’s President Michael Müller. “I am pleased that we have received so much encouragement for the renaming”.

At the same time, a new logo will also focus on the role of individual passenger transport with the large ‘Taxi’ logo, which is always combined with the subtitle ‘Federal Association Taxi and Private Hire’ (Bundesverband Taxi und Mietwagen e.V). The (additional) web-address is from now on: (

The association looks back on more than 70 years of history under various names. In 1947 the “Working Group Passenger Traffic for the Federal Territory e.V.” was founded. This association remained until 1965 and was then replaced by the BZP. The addition “German Taxi and Private Hire Association” was added in 2000.

The task of the association is the representation of the German taxi and private hire companies in a professional, commercial way and when it comes to social policy. One of the main priorities of the work in recent years has been to maintain a regulatory framework for the industry, ultimately ensuring access to mobility for all.

On April 10, the association organized a very successful demonstration against deregulation plans floated by federal transport minister Scheuer. Particularly his plans to drop the obligation for private hire vehicles to return to their base, proved unacceptable to the German taxi industry. Dropping this measure would result in Uber using private hire illegally as a form of taxis. More than 5.000 taxis demonstrated in Berlin and in another 30 cities in Germany a variety of activities were arranged. The demonstrations against the deregulation measures led to much support from different political parties. Strangely, the myTaxi app abstained from supporting the actions by the BZP, as it deemed them “unacceptable as a form of protest against the minister’s plans and hurt the customer base.”

  • The BZP-organised demonstrations all over Germany proved very successful.

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