Former regulator Gabe Klein launches CityFi

Former regulator Gabe Klein launches CityFi

Gabe Klein is the former Commissioner of the Chicago and Washington DC Departments of Transportation. In both cities he revamped technology platforms and government processes while focusing on putting people first vs. automobiles on city streets.


This included launching two of the first and largest bikeshare systems in the U.S. and building protected bike lanes and better pedestrian infrastructure for vulnerable citizens citywide, as well as facilitating private services like carshare and rideshare that could help each cities mobility goals.

Klein honed his creativity and leadership skills working in business, including Zipcar, where he served as Vice President, Bikes USA as national Director of Stores and his own electric powered, organic food truck chain, On The Fly.

CityFi is his latest project, as co-founder – “a new company I’ve help found on principles of smart change and responsible urbanism”, says Klein. “We advise cities, corporations, foundations, and start-ups, helping them make sense of our urbanizing world.”

The CityFi team is a network of professionals who have implemented policies and projects at senior levels in government, foundations, and the private sector. CityFi’s team members have proven records of success delivering sustainable, significant, and systemic change in the way cities work for people, allowing everyone to participate in and enjoy their communities. CityFi wants to foster true partnerships that create value for people, for the environment, and for the economy.

Klein: “We work with innovative global and local companies and governments to deliver top-flight services that enhance the civic experience without imperiling the public good.”

“At its core, CityFi believes that great cities come not from monolithic projects but rather emerge from carefully-designed underlying conditions — street grids, equitable housing policies, business-friendly regulation — so that beneficial complexity can grow. This is how our most resilient, productive cities have grown for a very long time. We’d like to keep that growth going.”

More information on CityFi and what it does:

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