EU Commission and EU Parliament release studies on EU taxi, PHV and ridesharing market

EU Commission and EU Parliament release studies on EU taxi, PHV and ridesharing market

Two weeks ago the EU Commission (DG MOVE) released its long-awaited ‘Study on passenger transport by taxi, hire car with driver and ridesharing in the EU’ (MOVE/D3/SER/2015-564/SI2.715085)

The study is based on information available up to 26 September 2016. Market and legal developments which took place after the date were not reflected.

The purpose of the Study was to provide a comprehensive regulatory and market overview and analysis of the European taxi, hire car with driver and ridesharing markets across the EU. The study intended to identify the main reasons behind the taxi markets’ upheaval and the impact of innovative services on the taxi markets.

In various countries, taxi drivers and companies have vigorously protested against the efforts of innovative service providers to penetrate their respective markets, and challenged them before the courts on various grounds. Two preliminary rulings are also currently pending before the European Court of Justice.

The study first analyses the relevant regulatory and administrative frameworks of all 28 EU Member States (the EU Commission has no direct role in taxi-regulation in EU member states). It then provides a market analysis describing the dynamics of the taxi industry including employment, turnover, wages and other characteristics such as industrialisation and the presence of new transport innovations.

Next, the study provides in-depth case studies of the following cities: Amsterdam, Brussel Capital Region, London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Warsaw, and a cross border case of Vienna/Bratislava. The study then displays the results of a consumer panel carried out in the above-mentioned selected cities, covering issues such as the user’s purpose, preference and overall satisfaction with transport services. The study wraps-up with our conclusions and recommendations, based on the results of our findings.

The annexes to this study provide further details into the following: the results of the stakeholder consultation (Annex I), list of stakeholders interviewed (Annex II), a comparative table according to regulatory and market characteristics including all Member States and detailed country reports (Annex III), in-depth case studies of the selected cities (Annex IV).

The study can be found here:

The European Parliament has also been involved in reporting on taxi, PHV and the ridesharing industry: the Transport & Tourism Committee (TRAN) recently released the study “Infrastructure funding challenges in the sharing economy”. The study analyzes market distortion through shared mobility in the financing of passenger transport. The English version of the report can be found here:

  • EU Commission and EU Parliament produce long-awaited and vast reports on Europe’s taxi, PHV and sharing industry.

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