Dutch taxi unions gain 3% wage increase after half a day’s strike

Dutch taxi unions gain 3% wage increase after half a day’s strike

Yesterday, Dutch taxi trade unions FNV Taxi and CNV Professionals reached an agreement about a 3% wage increase with employer’s association KNV Taxi. Yesterday morning employers let a 06.00 union ultimatum expire, whereupon the unions embarked on a very short and limited strike. Union militants travelled to the employers’ annual meeting to support their demands. Relatively quickly the employers in the taxi and contract taxi sector, agreed with the union’s demand for a 3% wage increase. Union negotiator Agostino di Giacomo Russo from CNV Professionals was pleased: “A nice result that fits the professionalism of the taxi driver.”

In the morning (some) taxi drivers had gone on strike for the first time in the last 25 years. As expected, about a 100 drivers gathered at the employers’ meeting. At the end of their action, consultations between the trade unions and KNV Taxi quickly resulted in an agreement on principle. Drivers will receive 3% more pay from January 1, 2018. The centrally negotiated trade agreement will now be valid from July 2017 and expires on 31 December 2018. No new agreement has been reached regarding working hours. The existing agreements in the old trade agreement remain in place.

KNV Taxi chairman Bertho Eckhardt: “Our members showed a clear understanding for the wishes of the employees, but of course, they also had their own wishes. Finally we reached an agreement on principle with the unions. The members of KNV Taxi immediately agreed with the proposal, unions FNV and CNV will shortly submit their results to their members with a positive recommendation.

Both parties stressed that they feel responsible for the over 100,000 clients who are dependent on taxi transportation every day and the tens of thousands of travellers who use taxis privately.

  • In a short strike Dutch taxi drivers managed to gain a 3% wage increase.

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