Coming soon: Wheelchair minibus conversion for VW E-Crafter

Coming soon: Wheelchair minibus conversion for VW E-Crafter

Dutch conversion specialists Tribus, based in Utrecht, developed a wheelchair conversion for the new VW E-Crafter. The 100% electric wheelchair minibus will be available as a 8+1 with a lowered front entrance, TriflexAIR foldings seats and a wheelchair lift at the rear.

There is a rising demand for zero emission passenger transport in urban areas. At the same time, the market of ‘clean vehicles’ is limited. Especially if you are talking about a wheelchair minibus that can be driven with a category B (ordinary) driving license.  With the arrival of the VW E-Crafter wheelchair minibus that is a problem of the past.

Tribus engineers worked hard to meet all European guidelines for M1 passenger transport. They met the challenges in weight by using new techniques and high-quality lightweight materials. The maximum weight of the new VW E-Crafter is below 3500 kg and can be driven with an ordinary drivers license. In mid-March, a demo will be subjected to a thorough test program by Dutch customers of Tribus. When these tests turn out well, production will start before summer 2019!

The VW E-Crafter wheelchair minibus will be an 8+1 with two wheelchair places and a range of 173 km (NEDC). The vehicle is equipped with the TriflexAIR wheelchair restraint system, a lowered front-entry and an automatic wheelchair lift at the rear. Thanks to fast charging (DC 40 kW), the battery can be recharged to 80% in just 45 minutes! This offers a higher practical range of the vehicle.

“The E-Crafter wheelchair minibus is highly suitable for use in urban areas and can easily fit into travel schedules of taxis and public transport” says Wilfred Wijnands, Sales Director at Tribus.

  • Coming soon: Wheelchair minibus conversion for VW E-Crafter.

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