Ambitious EU climate targets for 2030: Climate neutral by 2050

Ambitious EU climate targets for 2030: Climate neutral by 2050

November 28, the European Commission launched its new long-term strategic vision “for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy” that provides 100% climate neutrality by 2050 (instead of the previous 85%).

But this plan is only a first step. By achieving zero emissions in the next 30 years, climate warming can (possibly) still be kept within two degrees or one and a half degrees. But more action is definitely needed. The member states still have to decide on the plans.

The Commission is proposing a number of measures to achieve net zero emissions of greenhouse gases and to keep global warming for future generations within limits. It involves maximizing renewable energy and using more electricity as an energy source, the use of clean, safe and connected mobility, a competitive European industry with the circular economy as a key element, a smart network infrastructure and interconnectivity, stimulating the bio -economy and tackle the remaining CO2 emissions by absorbing and storing it safely.

Violeta Bulc, EU Transport Commissioner, said: “All modes of transport should contribute to decarbonising our mobility system, with the aim of zero-zero emissions by 2050. This requires a system approach with low and zero emission vehicles, a strong increase of the capacity of the rail network and a much more efficient organization of the transport system based on digitization, incentives for behavioral changes, alternative fuels and smart infrastructure, and worldwide obligations, all driven by innovation and investment.

  • Ambitious EU climate targets for 2030: Climate neutral by 2050.

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