A wonderful story: Madagascar’s love affair with the 2CV

A wonderful story: Madagascar’s love affair with the 2CV

Citroen’s 2CV cars tend to be associated with rural France. But for decades it has been the car of choice for taxi drivers more than 5,000 miles (8,000km) away on the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar, reports the BBC. Clare Spencer made a great photographic report.

Feno Rafanomezantsoa’s father had a 2CV which he bought in 1964. When that broke down, Feno decided to get one of his own. That was in 1987 and he still has it today.

Madagascar gained independence from France in 1960, but French cars remain extremely popular. 2CVs have become a symbol of Madagascar. Eddy Rajaonarison La Roche, 26, has been making 2CV taxi souvenirs out of milk cartons since he was 10. It takes him three days to make one.

Menjasoa Anjaraniaiana used to drive another vintage French car – a Renault 4 – but he switched to a 2CV three years ago because he said they were cheaper to maintain.
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• Madagascar’s love affair with the 2CV taxi.

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